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Cosmetic Dentistry

Do you have imperfections on your teeth that keep you from smiling or make you dissatisfied with your smile? At Delta Family Dentistry, we know that a smile speaks boldly about someone. Things like gaps between teeth, stains on teeth, and shorter-than-normal teeth can make you unhappy with your smile. Our cosmetic dentist in Oakley, CA, brings new breath to your smile.

We provide cosmetic dental treatments emphasizing teeth beauty, function, and health. We want you to have natural-looking teeth that are aesthetically pleasing. We offer these procedures:

Teeth Whitening – Removing stains and brightening teeth need a professional hand. The use of concentrated teeth bleaching agents isn’t something anyone can do. Our cosmetic dentist near you can control the amount of bleaching to limit any possibility of harming the gums. We have technological advancements in teeth whitening and will give your smile instant results. We can do take-home whitening systems comprising trays you place in the mouth.

Crowns – Some cosmetic issues cannot be resolved with fillings or veneers; therefore, we use thin caps known as crowns. Dental crowns in Oakley, CA, are placed and cemented onto teeth, providing full coverage of the entire visible part of teeth. Crowns resolve flaws like chippings and restore stained, broken, or irregularly shaped teeth.

Veneers – These tooth-colored porcelain coverings are durable, strong, and versatile. Our dentist near you places veneers on the front teeth visible to others, also known as the teeth within the smile zone. Veneers are also bonded on the front side. They work to conceal discolorations and spaces between teeth and lengthen teeth or mend chips.

Dental Bonding – We use composite to conduct tooth bonding. The tooth-colored material is pliable and soft, making it molded into the appropriate shape. Tooth bonding helps rebuild a tooth that is damaged. It also helps reshaped chipped teeth and close spaces between teeth.

Talk to our caring cosmetic dentist at Delta Family Dentistry to see how we can elevate your smile with our cosmetic treatments.

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