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Each of us must visit a dentist to inspect our mouth and see what’s going on there. At Delta Family Dentistry, we strongly advise that people should attend their routine twice-a-year dental checkups, which go hand in hand with cleanings.

Having dental exams and cleanings in Oakley, CA, is a strong line of defense regarding oral and general health. Dr. Ramona Yousefipour and the vibrant, caring team at our dental practice ensure that you get comprehensive checks and that your mouth receives a special cleaning procedure like prophylaxis or gross debridement.

What Does A Dental Exam Involve?

As part of the appointment for exams and cleanings in Oakley, CA, a routine exam involves inspecting the mouth visually and using palpation or touch to feel the mouth flour and tongue for any abnormalities. Visually, our dentist in Oakley, CA, checks for decay, bone loss, enamel erosion, teeth grinding, oral cancer, and periodontal disease.

Our dentist does X-rays when it is suspected that you could have hidden oral issues. X-rays see decay between teeth, bone erosion, pulpitis or infection in the pulp tissue, abscesses, and decay inside teeth. If any issues are detected, we create a treatment plan to help resolve them.

Teeth Cleanings

When doing exams and cleanings near you, our dentist focuses on what you might have missed with your daily brushing and flossing. Bacteria convert starch and sugar in drinks and food into acid. These acids wash away the tooth’s protective layer, called enamel, making it susceptible to decay or cavities. We advise patients to avoid sugary soft drinks and candy and embrace daily brushing and flossing.

The plaque biofilm takes less than 24 hours to harden and turn into tartar. It is very difficult to clean tartar from the teeth; only a professional cleaning by a dentist near you using special tools can do the trick. Teeth cleanings prevent gingivitis and tooth loss.

Visit Delta Family Dentistry to meet Dr. Ramona Yousefipour and schedule your exam and cleaning appointment!

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