Dental Fillings in Oakley, CA

Dental Fillings

At Delta Family Dentistry, we provide tooth fillings to help repair a cavitated tooth and re-establish its function and health. Cavities develop when bacteria in the mouth eat at the enamel, causing decay that paves the way for holes in the enamel.

If you have a persistent toothache, a dental cavity in your tooth may need a filling. We use tooth fillings in Oakley, CA, to protect teeth compromised by tooth wear, decay, or other damage.

Amalgam Silver Fillings

These are more inexpensive options for tooth repair. They are loved because of their ability to tolerate wear. Many people needing cavity repair on their back teeth choose silver fillings. Their dark color doesn’t make amalgam fillings a good option for the teeth in front or near the smile zone.

White Fillings in Oakley, CA

White fillings are becoming more common nowadays. These fillings are fabricated from durable, biocompatible porcelain and composite resin. They can be tinted to match the shade of the tooth, thus bringing you a natural-looking appearance.

Composite fillings are less noticeable but need to be more suitable for large fillings. Also, they are unsuitable for back teeth because they get stained from tobacco, tea, and coffee.

Porcelain fillings, or onlays and inlays, are fabricated in a lab before bonding to a tooth. Our dentist in Oakley, CA, can match these fillings to the tooth’s color. A plus with porcelain fillings is that they resist staining and perform well for larger cavities.

Dental Filling Procedure

Our dentist near you first cleans the tooth, clearing the decay inside the cavitated area. Removing decay prevents further damage. After cleaning the tooth, the hole is prepared, and a filling material is placed. Our dentist molds the filling to match the surrounding tooth structure.

Visit Delta Family Dentistry to allow Dr. Ramona Yousefipour to inspect your tooth to see if you need dental fillings near you.

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