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At Delta Family Dentistry, we have aided many patients just like you to reclaim their beautiful smiles with our conservative, less-invasive cosmetic treatments. If you’re like many others who hide their cheerfulness because of unsightly flaws in their smiles, don’t worry, veneers may change all that. Consult with Dr. Ramona Yousefipour today if you are tired of having to forcibly smile and bear all those chips, stains, misshapen teeth, or gaps.

What are Dental Veneers?

Our dental office recommends porcelain veneers because of their realistic appearance and durability. Veneers are wafer-thin, translucent shells fabricated from a tooth-like material. If you are looking for natural-looking teeth, then veneers are a choice.

Our dentist in Oakley, CA can provide minimal-prep veneer treatment or no-prep porcelain veneers. More tooth structure shaving is needed during the preparation phase. It’s a treatment approach that helps conserve much of the tooth’s natural structure.

Porcelain Veneers Process

A dentist will book you for two visits. The first visit is the consultation and evaluation part. Here, our dentist near you will establish if veneers in Oakley, CA are right for you. Impressions taken by the dentist help craft custom-fitting veneers. Provisional veneers are fitted as the final pieces are getting prepared.

Your second visit allows us to shave a bit of the front section of the teeth. It is a step that gives a rough surface to the teeth to allow the veneers to bond and cement securely.

What Imperfections Can Veneers Resolve?

Since veneers camouflage the fronts and sides of teeth, they can conceal many flaws. If you have misshapen, worn down, chipped, or broken teeth, you can rebuild your smile again with veneers near you.

When professional whitening fails, veneers can do the magic to hide the stains. For those with gaps between teeth, you can have them filled with veneers to register a gorgeous smile.

Contact Dr. Ramona Yousefipour now if teeth imperfections like stains, gaps, and chippings make you unhappy with your smile. Delta Family Dentistry is always your ideal partner for rebuilding beautiful smiles.

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