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Keeping your skin looking great is something that everyone tries their best to do, but with all the forces working against you, that can be challenging. Dermal fillers are a rejuvenating spa treatment that many people use to help tighten the skin and reduce signs of ageing. If this works for you, you could spend hours on the internet looking for dermal fillers near me or head straight to our clinic in Oakley, CA, to get the treatment you want.

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Your local dental spa provides many treatments, including dermal fillers, with various uses. A dermal injection is a great way to improve the appearance of your face and take years off of your skin in one visit. If this is your first time trying dermal fillers, then now is the time. Dermal fillers are a great investment; they can last a year or longer between treatments and offer great results.

Our dermal injection treatments are made to treat wrinkles by tightening the skin safely and effectively. Use this to smooth out wrinkles around the eyes, commonly called crow’s feet, the forehead and brow, and along the cheeks and chin. We help the face to look more youthful and healthier with almost no recovery. The injections take effect immediately, and aside from a very small risk of allergic reactions, there are no major side effects.

Dermal fillers also have other uses, such as treating certain headaches and loosening tightened muscles, such as treating TMJ (lockjaw). If you are concerned about any of these potential issues or want to learn more about dermal injections and the type of dermal fillers available, you can visit us and talk with one of our staff members. We can answer any of your questions about dermal fillers and select the appropriate solution for your exact needs.

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Dermal fillers have been a popular option for skin rejuvenation for years. Modern advancements make them more effective than ever and the best choice to take years off of your skin without invasive surgery or other procedures. Schedule your treatment with our clinic today!

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