Partials and Full Dentures in Oakley, CA


Even with the different teeth replacement options available, dentures still have their place in the teeth replacement arena. Dentures are designed to mimic natural teeth in appearance and function. Delta Family Dentistry provides quality dentures that endure for a long time.

Patients consider dentures since they offer a reasonably affordable solution for replacing teeth. Dr. Ramona Yousefipour works closely with patients to give them the right teeth replacement restorations. We offer guidance on the viable teeth replacement option based on our evaluation of your mouth.

Full Dentures

Complete dentures are a good fit for those with all their teeth missing or the remaining ones being so badly damaged that they must be pulled out. Full dentures in Oakley, CA, allow you to regain your day-to-day abilities to chew, speak, and bite. Denture teeth fit into a designed acrylic base that matches your gums.


If you’ve lost teeth but still have some remaining, removable partial dentures near you are a worthwhile choice. A removable denture has replacement teeth fixed on a gum-matching base. A metal framework base is utilized in these prostheses. Most removable partial dentures feel comfortable and can blend precisely into the mouth.

Procedure for Getting Dentures

Many a time, getting started with dentures involves several steps. Your initial visit allows our dentist in Oakley, CA, to evaluate your bite and smile and determine what denture will work best for you. When a full denture is deemed appropriate, you must extract any remaining teeth.

If you’ve chosen implant-retained dentures, then the implant screws have to be placed early. In the meantime, provisional dentures are fitted until you return for the final, lasting dentures. You will use the temporary dentures as your mouth heals from the extractions. Once the gums recover, your set of lasting dentures is mounted and secured by our dentist near you.

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