Smile Restoration Revolution: How Dental Implants Are Transforming Oral Health

Smile Restoration Revolution: How Dental Implants Are Transforming Oral Health
July 7, 2023 

You will likely research smile restoration and mouth functionality enhancements with artificial teeth after missing one or more teeth due to accidents, tooth decay, or periodontal disease. If you desire a permanent solution for dental deficiencies, you will find no better option than dental implants to replace missing teeth.

Dental implants are restorations providing the feeling and appearance of natural teeth. Titanium helps make dental implants that function as a stable foundation for replacement teeth after surgically embedding your jawbone. Dental implants help support dental crowns, bridges, and dentures with a permanent solution remaining in your jaw for life.

Say Goodbye to Missing Teeth: The Power of Dental Implants

When you have missing teeth, you start enduring their consequences. Your remaining teeth start drifting toward the empty void left by tooth loss creating a misalignment in your mouth. The empty void becomes a breeding ground for food particles and bacteria to remain entrapped, developing infections in your mouth.

Your jawbone starts to deteriorate because it does not receive stimulation from the chewing and biting forces to make you appear older and change your facial appearance. In addition, you become vulnerable to treatments from different medical professionals because of indigestion from swallowing large chunks of food before biting or chewing.

If you want to overcome the consequences of tooth loss, you must consider a solution that transforms your oral health, enhances your smile, and improves your quality of life; dental implants in Oakley helps you overcome all challenges by enabling you to say goodbye to missing teeth with a solution appearing and feeling like your natural teeth providing a revolutionary remedy for tooth loss.

The Permanent Solution Missing Teeth

When missing teeth, you can consider different replacement solutions like dentures or bridges that have been around for several years. However, if you desire a permanent solution for tooth loss, the dentist in Oakley recommends dental implants because they are surgically embedded in your jawbone, unlike dentures and dental bridges sitting on your gums or held by the adjacent teeth.

After placement in your jawbone, titanium dental implants integrate with your body to become part of it. The implant delivers a long-lasting foundation for the mounting of custom-created dental crowns to function as replacement teeth. The implant remains in your jawbone for life, with the dental crown needing replacements after a decade or more due to natural wear and tear. In contrast, dentures need replacements every five years and bridges after seven to ten years. Therefore if you desire a permanent replacement solution, you must prefer dental implants over other techniques by making an educated decision.

How do Dental Implants Enhance Oral Health?

After getting dental implants from the dentist near me, manifold benefits accrue because implants are a long-term solution for tooth loss. Below are the benefits of implants in helping transform your oral health and aesthetic appearance.

  • Dental implants seem and feel like natural teeth remaining indistinguishable in your mouth, eliminating the concerns of people observing your missing teeth or wearing dentures.
  • Implants improve chewing that you lost with your teeth and decide to replace them with dentures or bridges. Implants enable you to have your favorite foods as usual without concerns about the tooth substitutes slipping or moving.
  • Implants do not need special attention or removal because they are firmly embedded in your jaw, and the artificial teeth require brushing and flossing, besides getting regular evaluations from your dentist for cleanings. Your oral health depends on excellent dental hygiene, which dental implants allow you to maintain to feel confident with your smile.
  • If dentures make you self-conscious while wearing or smiling, dental implants will not cause any concerns because they appear natural and resemble your remaining teeth. Therefore you can continue smiling as usual without hesitation while enjoying everyday activities with the dental implants holding your replacement teeth.

How to Receive Dental Implants to Cover Tooth Loss?

Although dental implants are excellent tooth replacement solutions, they are unsuitable for many. Therefore an assessment with the Oakley dentist is essential to determine your eligibility for dental implant placement.

You must have a healthy jawbone and general health when seeking dental implants. Systemic conditions like diabetes that can hamper your healing process after dental implant surgery can inhibit dental implant placement. Smoking is also a deterrent because it causes periodontal disease to weaken the jawbone, making you a victim of dental implant failure. However, if your general and oral health is acceptable, you can receive dental implants for your missing teeth to transform your smile and oral health.

Tooth loss is standard in America, as are solutions for replacing missing teeth. If you want to transform your oral health and smile, consider a revolutionary therapy with dental implants from Delta Family Dentistry, offering a permanent substitute for missing teeth. Please schedule a consultation with the Oakley provider to determine your eligibility for dental implants and receive them to restore your smile and health without further delay.