Relaxation Treatments

Relaxation Treatments (paraffin & massage)

If that headline strikes you as a contradiction, you're certainly not alone. As friendly as we dentists like to think we are, studies prove that coming to visit us doesn't top many people's list of "favorite things to do". The good news is that local anesthetics and current technology can take care of the physical discomforts of dental treatments.

For a completely relaxing dental experience, we also offer our patients the use of nitrous oxide (N20) mixed with oxygen, a pleasurable sedation tool often referred to as "laughing gas". You simply breathe the gas in while seated comfortably in our chair, to completely relax you before and during your dental procedure. The depth of sedation is easy to control, so we can monitor and adjust it continuously throughout your visit. When your procedure is finished, we simply turn it off.

Don't be afraid to discuss your fears or anxieties with us. Our dental team is here to help you have a positive dental experience, and we welcome talking to you about your individual situation in order to make your visit as comfortable as possible.