Oral Surgery in Oakley, CA

Oral Surgery in CA

It is understandable to be nervous if you have a dental problem requiring an oral surgeon. Still, when you come to our clinic, our oral surgeon in Oakley, CA, is one of the most experienced and talented experts in the field, so you will have nothing to worry about. Oral surgery may sound unnerving, but most oral surgeries are not overly complicated, and the dentist always has a good reason to recommend surgery as a treatment.

Let Oral Surgery Fix Your Oral Health Problems

Oral surgery is fairly common among dental patients; most procedures are a snap. Thanks to innovations like better anesthesia and laser technology, performing procedures with less treatment and recovery time is now possible. Dental lasers are so precise that they damage less tissue, and because of the way the laser works, they automatically disinfect the wound when operating. These added benefits mean there is less to consider when going in for surgery.

Dental surgeons correct a number of the issues that have to do with the mouth, the throat, the jaw, and even the sinuses. An oral surgeon may have to fix an issue such as a cleft lip, palate, or tongue tie in infants and young children. Oral surgeons may also perform complex tooth extractions. Sometimes teeth do not erupt properly through the gum or out of position; in these cases, a surgeon may need to perform an extraction if the tooth cannot be pulled manually.

Though rare, an oral surgeon may need to operate to repair damage to the jaw or correct TMJ. Severe gum disease is another instance where oral surgery may be necessary. Gum disease can damage the gum tissue and cause it to recede, and sometimes the dentist must remove infected tissue and perform a tissue graft for it to recover properly. Bone grafts are sometimes necessary if the jawbone is damaged due to gum disease.

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Now that you know how simple and easy oral surgeries can be, you have nothing to worry about if your dentist recommends seeing an oral surgeon. Once you have the procedure, you’ll find that the benefits outweigh potential concerns, risks, or other problems.

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