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Dental Bridge

Have you lost teeth and are confused about what option to with for teeth replacement? Is the existing bridgework you received several months ago worn or broken? Different forms of dental bridges are available for people needing to reclaim their smile’s functional role and beauty. At Delta Family Dentistry, we fit dental bridges to promote bite function and smile appearance.

Dr. Ramona Yousefipour will evaluate your mouth and help you choose the most viable, realistic, and proper-fitting dental bridgework for your teeth replacement goals. Receiving a dental bridge near you helps keep the existing teeth properly spaced and aligned. It is likely that when you fail to get missing teeth replaced, the voids left after the teeth loss can cause other teeth to drift toward that area.

What is a Dental Bridge?

Dental bridges are restorations comprising false teeth secured in place with crowns attached to adjacent teeth. The false teeth are crafted to match the nearby natural teeth. Dental bridges can be crafted of porcelain, metal, or a combo.

The Dental Bridge Process

The initial visit to receive a dental bridge in Oakley, CA, involves the abutment teeth being prepped. These are the two teeth directly adjacent to the space. They are the teeth holding the false tooth, called the pontic. These abutment teeth are shaved down, creating the space needed for proper fit.

Our dentist in Oakley, CA, gets impressions that work as a model, from which the crowns, pontic, and bridge are fabricated. A provisional bridge is provided in the meantime.

The second visit involves a dentist near you removing the provisional bridge and mounting the new porcelain or metal dental bridge. After a few visits of checkups to confirm if it’s working properly, the bridge is then cemented into place.

In the end, you will have naturally-looking false teeth secured to the mouth structure by two crowns mounted on the immediate adjacent teeth on the two sides of the space where the missing tooth was before.

Set up an appointment with Dr. Ramona Yousefipour at Delta Family Dentistry to see if a dental bridge works for you in replacing your missing teeth.

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