Root Canal Therapy in Oakley, CA

Root Canal Therapy

More than 15 million root canals are conducted each year in the US; however, despite the popularity of this dental procedure, many still have thoughts of anxiety and pain. Fortunately, thanks to sedation dentistry and technological advances, today’s root canals aren’t painful. Most people receiving root canals at Delta Family Dentistry feel minimal pain during the procedure.

If you have a cracked or chipped tooth or it’s showing signs of discoloration and swelling of gums, you could have an infected pulp. Dr. Ramona Yousefipour offers root canal therapy in Oakley, CA, to help salvage a diseased, inflamed, or damaged tooth.

Why is Infection in the Pulp So Painful?

The pulp region of a tooth hosts blood vessels, nerve endings, and connective tissues. These live components make you feel intense pain when the pulp area is infected or damaged.

Sometimes, though, our dentist in Oakley, CA, advises that even when you don’t feel any pain, it is prudent that you seek treatment if you have the signs. The infection could still be active and continues to wreak havoc on the tooth, jawbone, and eventually other body parts. This could happen when the nerve endings are dead.

Who Needs Root Canal Therapy?

If you are encountering these signs, then you might need to be diagnosed for pulp infection or damage, and your need to have root canal therapy near you:

  • Severe pain or discomfort when eating
  • Sensitivity to cold and hot temperatures
  • Swollen gums
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Cracked or chipped that hasn’t been restored
  • A recurring pimple within the gums

Root Canal Procedure

Our dentist near you numbs the tooth to prevent pain. An opening is created in the tooth’s crown to access the pulp region. The dentist cleans the infected chamber and the canals and then shapes the hole for filling. A special filling material is placed and sealed using adhesive cement. A crown is placed to return the tooth to its full function.

Contact Delta Family Dentistry if you have a painful tooth. Dr. Ramona Yousefipour will inspect your tooth to see what treatment is needed.

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