Oral Cancer Screenings in Oakley, CA

Oral Cancer Screenings at dental office near you

The Oral Cancer Foundation says that over 50,000 people are diagnosed with mouth or oral cancer annually. At Delta Family Dentistry, we encourage everyone to schedule oral cancer screening appointments now. It is a life-saving measure that you should take. Although not much talked about, oral cancer claims one life daily in the US. As such, people need to be screened routinely.

We do oral cancer screenings in Oakley, CA, to help catch the disease early, enabling patients to seek treatment early. The good news is that oral cancer has a survival rate of 80 to 90 percent when caught and treated in time, according to the Oral Cancer Foundation. See Dr. Ramona Yousefipour to be screened for oral cancer before it’s too late.

What Happens During Screening?

Many patients get unusual changes in their mouth, gums, bone, tongue, or throat that might not result from the disease. During oral cancer screening near you, a dentist in Oakley, CA, inspects the tongue as well as the tissues of the mouth to see if there are white or red patches or sores that could signal the possibility of mouth cancer.

Remember that just because there are red or white patches and sores doesn’t necessarily mean you have mouth cancer. Further, our dentist feels the mouth tissue, checking for lumps and other anomalies. If any abnormalities are found, further testing may then be considered.

What to Expect During the Exam?

We know benign conditions affecting the oral cavity will likely mimic cancerous or precancerous lesions. We advise our patients to be screened at least once yearly or more if they have an elevated cancer risk.

Visual screening is usually the first thing to be done to help identify abnormal areas. We also take intraoral pictures to assist in documenting the look of the lesions we find. Tissue removal or biopsy is the best diagnosis method because the sample is taken to a lab for further analysis.

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