The Importance of Regular Teeth Cleaning

The Importance of Regular Teeth Cleaning
May 31, 2023 

Dentists and organizations like the American Dental Association agree that patients visit a dentist twice annually for teeth cleanings and exams. Our mouth cleanings at home don’t eliminate every bit of plaque and bacteria. Additionally, tartar gets left because it is hard and sticks firmly on the teeth. As such, removing tartar requires professional cleaning using specialized tools. Here are some benefits of regular teeth cleanings conducted in a dental office.

Eliminates Tartar and Plaque

The cleanings performed by a dentist do away with the hardened form of plaque, which is usually difficult to remove. It requires a tool such as a scraper to file it off the tooth. Tartar can encourage cavities, gum disease, and decay.

Prevents Gum Disease

Over time, even with proper brushing and flossing, the biofilm that comprises plaque and bacteria gets lodged in the pockets. It may be challenging to reach the pockets during brushing and flossing. As such, a dentist does specialized cleaning known as prophylaxis or gross debridement to clean the biofilm, plaque, and tartar from areas below the gum pocket. This way, it helps prevent or even stop gum disease from progressing.

Prevents Decay or Cavities

The mouth hosts millions of bacteria – good and bad. When you don’t brush and floss adequately, you could allow the bad bacteria to overwhelm the good ones, creating an imbalance in bacterial flora within the mouth.

As a result, you may have increased mouth acids released from the food leftovers when bacteria act on them. Tartar in the mouth also causes decay. When you go for regular cleanings, you remove the elements responsible for causing cavities. Otherwise, decay can contribute to eventual tooth loss.

Spotting Oral Issues

When a dentist cleans the mouth, it is easier to see which areas of the mouth may have oral concerns. A dentist can spot decay that is eating away at the teeth. Also, gum infection can be detected when the gum pockets are cleaned.

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